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Having search engines index a website

Useful for sites that use a database or produce static files. i rely on my basic, built-in search capabilities for my sites that use MySQL and CouchDB/Elasticsearch.

But this info would be helpful for searching sites built with my static-file blog app Wren.







Indexing my site on Google was easy. Currently, Google has indexed 227 pages from my domain. But still, when I type site:r3bl.me using DuckDuckGo, DDG returned me 0 results.

Okay, so I searched DDG’s forum a little and as it turns out, they’re suggesting to submit your site to Yahoo! and Bing instead. If it gets indexed by those search engines, your site should be accessible via DuckDuckGo.

Then, I remembered Yandex. For those of you who are not familiar with Yandex, it’s the most popular Russian search engine. I remebered that DuckDuckGo has a partnership with Yandex.

Luckily, Yandex does offer webmaster tools. So, I submitted my website. But Yandex indexed my site far longer than Google and Bing did. Once you submit your site, they warn you that the indexing process might last for a week or two. And they’re not kidding! It took almost two weeks, but my main r3bl.me domain was indexed by Yandex.

The same applied instantly to DDG. Now, when I search site:r3bl.me on DuckDuckGo, the search results are the same as the results I get when I’m doing the same search request on Yandex.

So, Yandex’s search engine was the key to the puzzle.

... if you’re running a small website and you want it to be indexed on DDG, forget about Google, Bing and Yahoo. Get your site indexed on Yandex instead.


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