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JR: Links to read again - Mar 4, 2016 - https://david.shans... more>>
- Mar 04, 2016 - #blogging #indieweb #markdown

JR: Facebook's Instant Articles do not help the Open Web - (Nor the #Indieweb which is the term that I prefer.) I enjoy reading Dave Winer's blog posts that are related to blogging and other technologies. I don't have to agree with him all the time. Two recent DW posts: How Instant Articles helps the ope... more>> 5 min read
- Feb 29, 2016 - #Indieweb #socialmedia #mobile #app #blog_jr

JR: Pondering Dave Winer's early Jan 2016 posts - Jan 5, 2016 - My current bookmarks page of sites that I visit or feeds that I consume includes a link to DW's feed near the top of the list. I access his feed multiple times per day to see what new insights he has posted. I'm mainly interested in his... more>> 13 min read
- Jan 06, 2016 - #indieweb #webmention #socialmedia #technology #moronism #blog_jr

JR: Will Twitter eliminate its 140-character post limit? - March 2015 Dave Winer has wanted to Twitter to remove the 140-character barrier for a long while now. I can't recall anyone else expressing this sentiment for so long. I simply have not noticed a lot of outrage about the 140-char limit over the past... more>> 3 min read
- Mar 16, 2015 - #programming #web #javascript #moronism #rss #indieweb #blogging

JR: and IndiAuth - #indieweb - #webmention
- Dec 18, 2014

JR: Are content silos winning? - Winning at what, exactly? And why do some hardcore geeks worry about whether silos are winning, losing, or whatever? The masses don't care. The masses only want something fun and easy to use. They want to relish in the moment. I'm guessing that mo... more>> 14 min read
- Oct 05, 2014 - #indieweb #socialmedia #socialnetwork #blog_jr

JR: Tantek Celik - #indieweb update 3oct2013 not using anymore: {feed= } Effective immediately: * Atom feed reduced to only 3 newest entries * subscribe to home page h-entry to get 20 entries 9:40 on 2013-09-29 using BBEdit
- Aug 11, 2014

JR: IndieAuth, Micropub, and POSSE - #indieweb
- May 07, 2014

JR: Regex to grab ID from a Twitter post - /** * Grab the status id from a twitter URL * */ public function replyTweetId($url) { $regex = '/https?:\/\/\/[a-zA-Z_]{1,20}\/status\/([0-9]*)/'; ... more>>
- May 07, 2014 - #indieweb #programming #regex

JR: Webmention-related links - Submitting a webmention with Curl Example Testing: Etc: #webmention - #indieweb
- Apr 13, 2014

JR: 2014 Knight News Challenge - Ideas for Strengthening the Internet - Project ideas need to answer the question: "How can we strengthen the Internet for free expression and innovation?" Deadline for idea submissions is Mar 18, 2014. My idea is not mine. I nominate the IndieWeb. ... more>>
- Mar 03, 2014 - #media #opensource #activism #indieweb #event #blog_jr

JR: IndieWeb and the Ghost blogging platform - October 2013 pull request by IndieWeb advocate Barnaby Walters to add microformats2 data to the default Ghost theme. Response by Ghost project lead John O'Nolan : microformats2 is a very interesting sub... more>>
- Nov 01, 2013 - #indieweb #ghost

JR: Syndicate posts to Twitter using the share button - Update: 01Nov2013 To get's thread posts to appear in the Toledo Talk Twitter page, I use some kind of feed service that reads TT's RSS feed. But I like this "lo-fi" idea better, suggested by at this IndieWeb page: I primarily sy... more>> 1 min read
- Nov 01, 2013 - #junco #indieweb #posse #webmention

JR: IndieWeb POSSE - POSSE = Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere as of 2010-01-011 (2010-01-26 Twitter syndication started2 and caught up3[4]). Tantek elik implemented POSSE in Falcon on all self-hosted posts (notes, articles, etc.... more>> 2 min read
- Oct 31, 2013 - #indieweb #blogging

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