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JR: Wren-based blog sites - fully-installed Wren or HTML files only that were created by Wren elsewhere. these are test sites except for one. Digital Ocean: - production - HTML files only AWS: -HTML files only gopher:// - HTML files only (gophermap fi... more>>
- Aug 31, 2016 - #wren

JR: Reply to Cawr's post about publishers and UX - This is a test WebMention response to a blog post at my Wren test site. And I'm attempting to use the curl command to send the WebMention. The Wren static blog app might be able to accept WebMentions by using a third party site. I'm replying to th... more>> 1 min read
- Jul 18, 2016 - #indieweb #webmention #wren

JR: RSS Feed - From my #Wren web publishing app that produces static HTML files. {{feed=
- May 31, 2016

JR: Wren API - #wren USERS Login The author's email address is stored in the YAML file. To login, only the email address is provided. The Wren app uses the MailGun service to send the message that contains the login activation link. This uses a POST request t... more>> 2 min read
- Apr 07, 2016 - #wren

JR: Wren README - #wren Wren is a web-based, static site, blog tool. It requires the user to create most of the functions that would be automatically created in "normal" web publishing apps. For example, the homepage is not automatically generated. The index.html fi... more>> 4 min read
- Apr 07, 2016 - #wren

JR: Installing Wren - Make appropriate DNS changes for the domain name or subdomain name. Then on the server: cd /home mkdir 'dirname' cd 'dirname' mkdir sessionids mkdir markup git clone http:// (Wren repo) mkdir Wren/root/versions cd Wren/yaml edit yaml config file a... more>> 1 min read
- Apr 05, 2016 - #wren #howto #blogging

JR: Having search engines index a website - Useful for sites that use a database or produce static files. i rely on my basic, built-in search capabilities for my sites that use MySQL and CouchDB/Elasticsearch. But this info would be helpful for searching sites built with my static-file blog a... more>> 1 min read
- Mar 19, 2016 - #web #blogging #search #wren

JR: Static Blog Site - Testing the concept When I started blogging in 2001, I used a web app called Greymatter. It managed a static setup, producing HTML files. But creating and updating content and managing the layout of the site were all done by using HTML textarea boxe... more>> 3 min read
- Mar 05, 2016 - #wren

JR: Wren - Static blog generator - Mar 1, 2016 Thinking about this. I will base it upon my Article Preview app, created back in January and the test static page site, created with a command prompt script, created in February. Need: create and update markup. when updating, a b... more>> 3 min read
- Mar 02, 2016 - #wren #blogging

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